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India has the potential to bring the world economy out of a recession. With a large English work force, the world could utilize trade to increase the flow of goods and services, thus stimulating the economies of countries to come out a slump. This is not a silly example; a tooth brush manufacturer now has the opportunity to sell toothbrushes to a billion people. More importantly India is a spiritual powerhouse. The church is growing so strongly it is poised to send out even more missionaries to the rest of the world than the US.

While there I discovered a persecuted, yet vibrant church. My life was in danger of extremists who came to disrupt the meetings however prayer deterred them. Here is a picture of a tent meeting where this bold venture took place for the Gospel. God is good and He kept us safe with hundreds accepting Christ.  Superstition is being overcome and lives are being set free. The modern government has banned castes yet many women remain trapped in prositution. Pray for the Internaitonal Harvesters for Christ tailor school teaching women another trade to free themselves and their children. Praise God.


Myanmar, also known as Burma, is undergoing what we hope will be wonderful changes that will beneift the church. Here is a group of pastors who came for a training conference.